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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Chapter of The USBC


We have completed the merger.

USBC has combined the 3 databases into one. They have converted the files and sent us the new software for merged associations. We have finished inputting all the fall leagues that we received, you few secretaries that haven't send in your paperwork please do. We have entered all the honor scores that we received, see the honor roll page to see who has started the season off on a good note. To you who are getting rings, give USBC about 4 weeks to get them to you.

In other words we are back in Business !!

Some of the things that are under discussion by the board are the local award program and County Tournaments.
They should be making a decision before the beginning of the year.

I'm sure some of you have an idea or two that the board would appreciate hearing. Use email address on the contact us page to send your ideas or talk to or email members of the board. Use this link to get their info. Free Web Counter


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