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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Chapter of The USBC

Youth Tournament
The Youth Tournament was held at Boynton Lanes Feb. 11th and 18th.
18 bowlers participated in 149 and under division and 15 in and 150 and over group.
The unofficial leaders are:
149 & below Jackson Martin --- 760
150 & above Timothy Powell --- 761

Unofficial Final Standings

Jimmy Keeth In Hall of Fame

Jimmy Keeth, arguably the best bowler to come out of Palm Beach County, was inducted into PBCBA Bowling hall of fame.

Jimmy was a member of the PBA from 1980 to 2004.

His only major victory was in the 1992 Tums Classic where he beat Walter Ray Williams 234 to 217 to take the title and the $31,000 check that went with it. Today that check is worth about $66,000.

Jimmy had a successfully pro carrier. Among his memorial accomplishments was a second place finish in the 1987 Hartford Open when he was 19 years old. He took home a check for $12,000,($32,000 today), for his efforts. A second place finish in the 1996 Quaker State Open where he pocketed $25,000, ( $49,000 today). He cashed in numerous other tour events.

Besides his one major title, Jimmy had three regional championships.

He was nicknamed "The Rocket" by his peers on the tour because of the speed and revs he got on the ball.

Locally, Jimmy had 27 300 games, 5 800 series and many 11 s in a row. He had an end of season average of 235 two times. Tragically Jimmy died of a heart attack in 2005 at the age of 38. Who knows how many more honor scores he would have rolled.

Nora Thayer, Jimmy's mom, was presented a plaque to commemorate the induction while Rex Thayer, Jimmy's step-father, looks on. Rex is a member of the Hall of Fame.













Seniors' Tournament Results
The scores and averages have been verified and the results are official.
The champions are:
50-59 Willie Hamilton -- 772
60-69 Sonny Willis -- 847
70-79 John Weltzien -- 836
80 & above Judith Stenhouse -- 742
Scratch John Weltzien -- 758

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