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Information For League Secretaries

As of August 1st the men's and women's associations have merged. All fall leagues will sent their documentation to the Haverhill address. You must send summer league final averages to either address below depending on which association the bowler joined

1 Individual USBC Membership Fee is $21.00 for all members.
2 Associate Membership is $8.00.
2a. Basic Membership is $10.00
    For 14 week season. No awards. One League Only.
3 There is no charge for USBC League Sanctions.
4 Make sure all individual application cards are alphabetized.
6 Use the local simplified recap sheet.
7 Send cards and forms to:

                         All Starting with fall leagues                                                       WOMEN'S
                        Palm Beach County USBC Inc.                               PBC USBC Women's Bowling Association
                        3951 Haverhill Rd Ste 210                                       PO Box 540922
                        West Palm Beach, Fl 33417                                     Greenacres, FL 33354


Buying additional USBC high score awards
Bowlers that bowl an honor score but are not eli gable for an award can purchase one through vendors who have partnered with USBC.

For ring choices, which start at $75, please visit

For crystal awards and plaques, please call our Membership Services Team at 800-514-2695. Pricing for crystal awards and plaques:

* 11 in a row crystal - $41
* 300 game crystal - $49.95
* 800 series crystal - $54.95
* 300 game plaque - $30
* 800 series plaque - $35

For the answers to all your questions including rules, forms, and how to handle most league functions visit the league resource center by Clicking Here

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